Why Choose House Calls?

181943_165033603549507_8037742_n[1]House Calls performs extensive background checks on each caregiver and service provider. We pre-screen to ensure that qualifications and experience meet our high standards. Only then do we send candidates to your home for you to interview and evaluate before you decide to utilize their services. Caregivers and service providers are bonded and insured through House Calls. We are registered  the Dept. of Labor, Secretary of the State, and the Dept. of Consumer Protection. We provide Case Management and are just plain there for you whenever you need support of any kind. Most importantly….We Care!


Our clients become Family. This is one of our favorite clients at her 100th Birthday Party in her OWN home! She wanted to stay home and we helped her do that for years!167680_165122723540595_2969913_n[1]

                                             And this is Teddy….. her blind, toothless beloved poodle.  Not only do we care for our clients with LOVE but their Beloved pets as well!

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We promised Teddy’s beloved owner we would find this blind, toothless poodle a home before she passed peacefully at 101. I mentioned Teddy in class, and one of my nursing students…coincidentally, or not, takes in dogs and a few days before she had lost her blind dog….Her border collie herded that blind dog and cared for it and he was grieving….Teddy was a perfect fit! House Calls is a different kind of agency…We Truly Care!








We foster Independence, activity and socialization promoting Health and Happiness for our clients!    774101_4737504888833_572212329_o[1]


We bring a home-made loaf of bread to each new client and provide a


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